Life is Worship

Every believer worships all day every day. Some of our actions, thoughts and words worship our Creator and Savior. Others worship other things, even ourselves. So, worship is not just congregational singing on Sunday and Wednesday. It is our life all day every day.

Still, God has called us to celebrate and praise him together and that is part of our worship. Singing, scripture reading, and testimony knit our hearts together in praise toward God. We worship Him together for a few minutes each week. That helps us to keep our focus on His greatness and goodnes through the time that we are apart.

When we sing, we use hymns that teach, comfort and encourage each other. We use hymns and praise songs that exalt our Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. In all things, we are orderly and worshipful, always mindful that true worship is God's Spirit in us helping us to live and express what we feel toward God, and what He has spoken to us.

We invite you to join us as we seek to be true worshippers together in Spirit and in Truth.