Falling Water Park Pavilion Rental Guidelines

Falling Water Baptist Church
523 Roberts Mill Road
Hixson, TN. 37343
Office hours:  9 AM to 2 PM M-Th
[email protected]


The Falling Water Park Pavilion is owned by Falling Water Baptist Church and is provided for use as a ministry to our community. The pavilion can be reserved for use following the guidelines below. 

A reservation to use the pavilion does not reserve the playground and other amenities for your exclusive use. However, when the pavilion is in use by Falling Water Baptist or another church, the entire park is reserved and will be posted accordingly.

The park pavilion is lighted, has 18 picnic tables, 6 - 6' serving tables, 20 folding chairs, serving tables, refrigerator/freezer, electrical outlets, and heated and cooled restrooms. Families are welcome to use the pavilion any time it is not reserved. Reservations are not published or posted. Anyone using the pavilion without reservations will not have use of power, lights or restrooms, and will be required to leave the facility when a person holding a reservation arrives.


  1. Complete the paperwork found at fallingwaterbaptist.com and deliver the paperwork with full payment to the church office between 9 AM and 2 PM M-Th. (Call prior to coming - 423-842-5924). 
  2. Finalize your reservation. Once we receive your paperwork and payment and add your reservation to the official rental calendar, your reservation is confirmed. (A phone call/message requesting a reservation does not constitute a reservation.)
  3. Applicants must be at least 25 years of age or older and present throughout the entire rental period (No exceptions). A copy of the responsible person’s driver's license will be held with the reservation form. The person signing the reservation form is the responsible party in case of damage, theft, or disturbance.  Minors must have adequate adult supervision.

The church will not be held liable for any personal injuries or damage to personal property.  

Download Reservation Form


Pavilion may be reserved and rented:
Monday - Saturday (except Wednesday): 10 AM - 3PM | 4PM-9PM | 10AM-9PM (Full Day)
Wednesday: 10 AM-3 PM only
Sunday: 12 PM - 4 PM (Half Day)

Cost for rental:

Half Day: Active Church members $40 | Inactive or Non-Members - $75

All Day: Active Church members $75 | Inactive or Non-Members - $100

Area churches that share our Biblical understanding of the Gospel and Christianity may use the pavilion for the Active member's cost.

Full Payment of the rental fee is due when your reservation is booked. When the key is picked up the $100 cash damage/cleaning deposit is due (non-members only).

When the rental is complete and keys are returned the security deposit will be returned less any cleaning/repair charge, and the copy of the responsible person's driver license will be shredded.


In addition to the rental fees, there is a $100 (cash) security deposit for non-members to cover damages and cleaning if necessary. Security Deposits are 100% refundable provided the following conditions are met:

  • The facility is left in a clean and orderly condition per the “Cleanup/Departure Checklist."
  • Use of the area does not exceed the scheduled time.
  • The area and its contents, including equipment and keys, are accounted for and undamaged.
  • All rules and procedures governing alcohol consumption and smoking are met.  (No alcohol or tobacco is allowed on premises)

If the above conditions are not met to the satisfaction of church representatives, an appropriate fee will be deducted from the security deposit.  If cleaning and/or repair costs exceed the amount of the security deposit, the responsible person will be billed.  Repairs will be billed at the full replacement cost incurred, including labor.  


All reservation cancellations must be made in writing. (No exceptions) When the cancellation letter is delivered to the office the appropriate refunds will be tendered.

Cancellation made 30 or more days prior to the event will result in a full refund of the hourly rental fees paid. Otherwise no refund will be made.


The renter is responsible for set-up of tables and chairs, as well as take down and clean up.  Use caution so that tables and walls are not damaged. 

2 - 32 Gallon garbage cans are provided. Renter must bring their own large trash bags. Please do not use the trash cans without a bag.

Renter must bring all cleaning supplies (Clorox wipes and Windex with paper towels will suffice)

Refer to the “Pavilion Cleanup/Departure Checklist” for a list of tasks you are required to complete at the conclusion of your event.  It is your responsibility to properly dispose of trash and leave the facility clean and intact. 


When keys are picked up renters will receive a property orientation, and answers to event-related questions. 


The facility will be exclusive for your use only at the time specified on your Rental Confirmation.  For any urgent issues on-site, please call or text the following numbers.

423-280-2982 - Tommy Jackson

The facility may be rented to multiple groups on a particular date, so we ask that you do not enter the facility until your designated rental time and that you depart when scheduled.


Due to space and security concerns, items cannot be stored prior to or following your event.


Food and beverages are welcome at the pavilion facility.  Renter may bring in their own food, have food delivered to the facility, or have the event catered.

No alcoholic beverages or tobacco use of any kind are allowed at the pavilion property. 


You may bring freestanding decorations into the facility and are responsible for removing them at the conclusion of your event.  Please be advised of the following:

The use of staples, nails, tacks, or duck tape is prohibited when affixing decorations.  The use of string, zip ties, and masking/painter's tape is acceptable. All string, zip ties, and tape must be removed when taking down decorations.  Hanging decorations from light fixtures is prohibited.

Fog/smoke machines, dry ice, silly string, rice, birdseed, confetti, dance wax, etc. are NOT ALLOWED.

Helium balloons may be allowed under the following conditions: Attach groupings of helium balloons to a weighted object.  Single balloons are discouraged as they are more likely to float to the ceiling.  


Fireworks are not prohibited on the property and cannot be used at our facility.  Fuels canisters for warming food, and votive and tea light candles that are contained and will not tip over, are allowed. Charcoal, Gas and Wood Grills may be used, but must be at least 15 feet outside the pavilion.


Pets are not allowed in the pavilion or the fenced play area. And pets must be on leash at all times otherwise. Animals brought in for parties ARE allowed in the fenced area as long as they are under control of an insured handler and all solid waste is cleaned up.


Falling Water Baptist Church reserves the right to terminate your event if church staff, in good faith, perceives that you or your guests pose a risk to the safety of persons or property on the premises or that you or your guests are violating local, state, or federal laws.  Upon verbal notice from church staff or the police that your event is being terminated, you and your guests must leave the premises immediately and you will not receive a refund of your rental fee.  You will be responsible for the prompt removal of any personal items brought to your event.

Noise volume must be contained within the boundaries of the park/pavilion. Please be respectful of nearby neighbors at all times. 

Cleanup/Departure Checklist:

  • Remove all tape, strings, ties, etc. (All means All)
  • Wipe down all tables with cleaner and store in storage room.
  • Clean chairs as needed and store in storage area.
  • Sweep floors (pavilion area may be blown off with blower)
  • Wipe down toilet seats and rims and sinks in bathrooms
    (Clorox wipes or similar - please do not dispose of cleaning wipes in toilets)
  • If bathroom or pavilion floors are heavily soiled please notify church office when returning keys
  • All items brought into the facility by the renter must be removed by the end of the rental.  Renters must remove all food, materials, personal equipment, decorations and garbage. 
  • Make sure no water is running in sinks or toilets.
    (If water is running and can’t be turned off, please contact us immediately using one of the numbers below.)
  • Turn off lights and heat or A/C in bathrooms
  • Lock all doors
  • Return keys to church office the next business day